Crack-down on mobile phone, VDU use while driving


Sir – The Territory Government, in line with other jurisdictions, is adopting new road rules from August 1.
• When travelling in a 60km/h or less speed zone, motorists will be required to leave a minimum one metre passing distance when overtaking a cyclist. When the speed limit is over 60km/h, motorists will be required to leave a passing distance of at least one and a half metres.
• Cyclists will be allowed to ride slowly across pedestrian crossings.
• The penalty for using a hand held mobile phone while driving will increase from $250 to $500.
• A new traffic infringement penalty of $500 will be introduced for visual display unit driving offences [including televisions. This does not apply to a driver’s aid, such as vehicle systems equipment, navigational system or rear view screens linked to reversing cameras].
• Learner drivers will no longer be able to ride a moped.
• New rules confirm that children under one year of age, travelling in commercial passenger vehicle, such as a taxi or minibus, will be allowed to be nursed on the lap of a passenger over 16 years of age, if there is no child restraint available. If a person is over one year of age they must be in a seatbelt or a child restraint if available.
• Motorcyclists will be permitted to lane-filter [riding between lanes] safely through traffic travelling less than 30km/h.
Louise McCormick
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
IMAGE: Two motorcycle riders lane-filtering (lane splitting) in California (Wikipedia).


  1. It is omitted that a child sitting on a lap of a person, both should be in the back seat and not the front passenger seat.

  2. A huge crackdown on cyclists not using hand signals especially in Larapinta and the CBD. Need to know what a bell is used for especially on the footpath.


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