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Metal and Macs: The contrast makes it so appealing

2635 Blacken OK
Six years of unrelenting effort by Pirate (pictured) and crew the Heavy Metal festival Blacken has found its home: Under the brilliant night sky of the East MacDonnell Ranges, at Ross River, 80 klicks east of Alice Springs.
About 500 people made the pilgrimage to the music that gives “loud” a new meaning.
“It’s a good purge,” says Pirate. “Get it all out.”
Sleeping in tents, swags, cars, vans – or not sleeping at all – the lawns of the big camp ground and the majestic gumtrees provided an unmatched welcome, campfires dotting around the uncluttered space.
No major incidents. No mobile phone.
The next Blacken? Same place, almost the same time – Easter next year.



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