Territory: Hot and dry


2633 weather map 2 OKAlmost everywhere south of the Top End experienced the hottest on record October to April mean maximum temperature with many locations, including Alice Springs, Gove, Bradshaw, Rabbit Flat, Borroloola, Yulara and Curtin Springs, breaking this record.
Darwin recorded its hottest night on record, only getting down to a stifling 30C overnight on December 12. The total rainfall for Darwin Airport was 70% or more than half a metre short of the long term average, the seventh driest on record since records began in 1941.
An appeal to save water in the Top End was made today by the government.
The highest daily rainfall for Darwin this season was a total of just 73.2mm on November 15 – historically, there have only been nine wet seasons where the highest daily rainfall was less than 73.2mm.
Alice Springs recorded 97.4mm of rain, just under half its October to April average, with the average daytime maximum temperature being 36.1C.
This is 2.8C above average, according to the Bureau of Metereology.
UPDATE May 2, 8.20am:
RAIN! Not much but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick: 2.4mm at the airport overnight.


  1. 1mm at Eastside.
    Made a bit of mud in the bottom of the gauge.
    But he petrichor was sweet and strong.
    Followed by another 4mm next night.
    Laid the dust, and the cool overcast was good for the recently planted replacements for the stuff that was cooked over the summer.
    Gentle rain starting to fall
    Galahs screeching in the dusk
    A dozen on the power lines
    upside down, wings spread
    swinging from the wires
    wetting under their wings.


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