Budget repairs: Charging for parks, paying less to homeless


The Gunner Government, trying to “repair” its Budget that has reached record losses, is hammering the homeless three times as hard as similar welfare initiatives.
“Strangely, the NT Government has decided that ‘Homelessness Services’ will be reduced by 3% per annum while other support services in family support, youth services and corrections will only be reduced by 1%.
“Where is the logic in this decision,” asks Anglicare NT CEO Dave Pugh.
“Over the next three years, funding to Anglicare NT homelessness services will be reduced by over $300,000. That is a huge reduction in our ability to support young people experiencing homelessness and the complex needs associated with youth homelessness.
“Anglicare NT understands that in periods of economic downturn, belts need to be tightened. What we don’t understand and are most concerned about, is why funding to support the homeless, including homeless young people, is so disproportionally reduced.”
Meanwhile Opposition Leader Gary Higgins says enjoy parks and other attractions before admission fees are introduced and may “deter people from going.
“Why should our lifestyle be compromised, for this Government’s incompetent budget management? Our economy is in tatters and businesses are closing daily.
“There is nothing left for Territorians to give, but the Government has somehow found a way to go after our beloved lifestyle.
“Just look at what they did when they increased the cost of beer, after saying they wouldn’t.”


  1. Could Opposition Leader Gary Higgins please explain just how the NT Government “increased the cost of beer, after saying they wouldn’t”?
    If what he meant to say was that the floor price on alcohol has led to an increase in beer prices, could he please provide the proof, as I cannot find any?
    By my own research and calculations, the NT legislated “floor price of $1.30 per standard drink” means that a 24-bottle carton of Crown Lager (4.9% alcohol / 1.4 drinks per bottle) cannot be sold for less than $43.68. It actually sells in Alice for between $56 and $58.
    Similarly, a 24-bottle carton of Hahn SuperDry mid-strength (3.5% alcohol / 0.9 drinks per bottle) cannot be sold for less than $28.08.
    It actually sells in Alice for around $43 a carton.
    As the ABC report of the August 22, 2018, says: “The law will impact the price of cheap wine most significantly, while spirits and beer will mostly be unaffected as they are already more expensive.”
    The ABC report went on to say: “The revenue generated from the introduction of the floor price will go to retailers, because the policy is not a tax, which could only be introduced by the Federal Government.”
    I am left wondering if Mr Higgins’ claim was made with the aim of misleading the voters or whether he truly does not understand how the floor price legislation works.
    Either way, it does not give me confidence that he will be able to fix the NT Budget.


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