Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Budget repair: Where are the tough decisions?

Sir – Labor has not made any tough decisions and are passing the buck until after the next election.
On first read, the measures in the final Langoulant report looked reasonable but didn’t go nearly far enough.
We’re struggling to see anything beyond requesting a bailout from the Commonwealth, and a decision to sell or lease the Land Titles Office, which blatantly goes against their election promise to not sell or lease any public assets.
We called on Government not to punish Territorians for Government’s wasteful spending by increasing taxes and look what they have done.
Their move to tax lifestyle like personalised numberplates, camping fees, adding museum entry fees, and additional fees on fireworks seems to be lip service to actual serious decisions which need to be made.
This is not good enough and Territorians deserve better.
We stand by our call to rein in spending, cut the waste and reduce the ministry by one for a $2m saving. These changes should take place today, not in two years’ time.
There are elements of the report’s recommendations we support.
Program evaluation, KPIs, and performance measures and accountabilities are obvious things that should already be happening.
Gary Higgins (pictured)
Opposition Leader


  1. I would like to see a full, comprehensive reply outlining how Mr Higgins would fix the budget, ASAP.


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