Top cops to get axe


Sir – We are warning of a mass exodus of NT police officers following the Commissioner’s crazy decision to cut critical front-line jobs.
The Commissioner told members that all Territory Duty Superintendent jobs will be axed.
The Commissioner is cutting crucial senior positions whose function is to provide oversight of the whole Territory.
Let’s not forget all the people and businesses reeling from the current crime problem; well guess what?
The Commissioner has just given them a slap in the face as well.
Prevention, Integrity and Unity – any police officer hoping to work in an environment that does include those cornerstones is no doubt packing their bags and applying for jobs interstate.
Paul McCue
NT Police Association President


  1. I’m interested to know how many ministerial advisors and assistants will lose their jobs.
    The real worry is cost of health and police.
    Not that they don’t do a much need job, it’s the fact we need so many because of the crime and injuries that are caused around town. Public service grows because the Government isn’t addressing the causes of the problems, they are just treating the results.
    People need to be aware cutting public servants results in a slower service or not a less reliable and accountable service.
    We all think there should be less but hey I’m sure they are doing something and not just sitting around tiddling their thumbs. Well, the lower levels anyway.

  2. Considering the state of NT financial affairs let’s accept that cost rationalizing and contractions will be a part of our economic landscape for the long term.
    Finding operational efficiency must also be shifted to the top of the NT’s agenda.
    A further look into the police force, one might be inclined to question why 10 weeks annual leave entitlements are being awarded to personnel who do not stand in the line of fire?


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