Emergency Dept presentations back up assault stats


The number of house break-ins in Alice Springs during the fourth quarter of 2018 were more than twice the number compared with the corresponding period in 2017.
However, offences against the person were down 52%.
Break-ins into commercial premises were up 28%, and vehicle thefts, 56%.
The Northern Territory crime statistics are prepared by the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice using data recorded by the Northern Territory Police. The statistics on this site are updated on a monthly basis.
The offence data were extracted from the NT Police PROMIS system on February 1.
Chief Minister Michael Gunner was not available for comment.
UPDATE 7pm March 1, 2019
There were 1258 alcohol-related emergency department presentations at the Alice Springs Hospital in the last quarter of 2017 compared to 705 in 2018.
That is a drop of 44%, lending credibility to the offences against the person statistics from the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice using data recorded by the Northern Territory Police.
ED – We updated our heading today (March 1, 2019).


  1. These are not figures our elected leaders should be proud of, even if there was progress in two areas.
    But will anything change?

  2. The increase in house break-ins is a trend not just in Alice, but in Melbourne and elsewhere around the country.
    It is an invasion of privacy that frightens most people and destroys public confidence.
    Could this growing phenomenon be partly because of the fact that social media has broken down the old standards of personal privacy in the community?
    If young people can so easily say and post just about anything to bully in a public media forum, then it stands to reason that their respect for the privacy of others must gradually be eroded.
    The only way to teach them respect is to show them the suffering their invasion causes.
    If that does not work, then payback becomes an option that is gathering momentum in a community that is frightened by the failure of the authorities to deal with it.

  3. Labor Government withdrew the police from the bottle shops presentations at the hospital blew out! Crimes against the person blew out! Domestic violence blew out!
    Police were reinstated to bottle shops and these things returned to their previous levels.
    Now we are expected to give some credit for the subsequent reduction in the associated crime figures!
    Meanwhile break-ins are up because the numbers of kids on the streets are up and nothing’s been done!
    A little birdie indicated just prior to Christmas that the Alice would be getting a 24/7 Youth Centre by boosting Tangentyere Councils Drop in Centre, however since that time … silence!
    Apparently the idea has succumbed to budgetary restraint since the announcement that we are broke.
    I bet the $200m for the Children and Families Computer system is still going ahead though!
    While considering budgetary constraints it would create a better all round result if the Minister was cutting that item rather than the actual on-ground services that have a real chance of making a huge difference to our costs for policing, courts and corrections, while building community confidence and harmony.
    Budget constraints, sure, we’ve got to have them, but let’s just think through our priorities before acting: Less bureaucracy, more coal face service!

  4. It’s made to be accepted that your house is broken into, if the police can’t find fingerprints it game over.
    Larapinta is a hotspot, nobody is interested in solving the problems.
    All of this is to create jobs and live of misfortune of others.


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