10 kids loose in a car: Big fine


The police have have fined a woman driver $5040 and issued her with 30 demerit points after she was found driving with 10 unrestrained children.
Traffic police observed her on January 3 driving on Sadadeen Road “and on closer inspection saw a number of children jumping around the cabin of the vehicle,” says a police media release.
“Officers stopped the driver on Bagot Street and found 10 children under the age of 16 unrestrained, including a child under the age of one, sitting on the front passenger’s lap.”
Senior Constable First Class Ivan Petrovic is quoted in the release as slamming the actions of the driver: “How someone can knowingly drive a vehicle in which their passengers are unrestrained is beyond me.
“Having a number of unrestrained children in the vehicle is irresponsible and reckless.
“Had they been involved in any kind of crash, the infant sitting in the front could have been seriously injured if not killed.”
The incident follows the arrest of a woman who was driving with a high range blood alcohol content after a minor crash Tuesday morning.
Around 8am police were called to Dixon Road where a vehicle had ploughed into a fence.
Officers found the vehicle in the middle of the road facing into oncoming traffic.
The driver returned a positive roadside breath test of 0.228%.
She has been charged with one count each of driving disqualified, unregistered and uninsured and driving with a high range blood alcohol content.
– Media release


  1. Aboriginal people do not follow the rules of Alice. They aren’t able to manage or better still understand responsibility in the boundaries of the municipal area of Alice.
    The justice system is full up and so much unnecessary dollars are being poured into this area of Aboriginal affairs because of the Aboriginal people’s unwillingness to understand and abide by rules!

  2. I bet nothing comes of the fact that this person appears to be an irresponsible parent, to say the very least (assuming at least one of these kids was hers).
    I would be willing to bet it’s not the first or last time she will do this, yet we had our chance to look after these kids and teach her (and them about being an responsible adult) a valuable lesson.
    Instead we just hand out a fine which will most likely never be paid and demerit points which probably won’t stop them either.
    Let’s just turn our heads and cross our fingers nothing like this happens again, that will fix it.


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