A break-in with a very happy ending


25110 Kinsman 1 OKIt is Alice Springs at its very best, and a story that couldn’t better bring to life the spirit of Christmas. And it comes from the Facebook page of the police. Here it is.
Talk about a tug of the heart strings. Alice Springs community members rallied together to help Sydney and June Kinsman after their house was unlawfully entered on Monday morning.
Offers of assistance came in thick and fast from big hearted local tradies, dinner was delivered, children’s drawings and cards were left in the letter box as were Bunnings vouchers from kind-hearted folk.
Sydney and June were lost for words when they received home made a Christmas cake, flowers, and cards from kids donating their pocket money to help replace the lights, and a huge box of Christmas lights.
There was a visit from Norforce cadets who arrived spruced up in their uniform despite 42 degree heat.
Mr and Mrs Kinsman were humbled by the outpouring of support and community love and had no idea their light display meant so much to others in town.
25110 Kinsman 2 OKA big kid at heart, Mr Kinsman said he put up the Christmas lights [in Larapinta Drive] to “see people smile and enjoy Christmas with their families and friends”.
Mr Kinsman appreciated the offers of money, but would prefer people to look out and after each other instead and enjoy the Christmas lights.
[Mr Kinsman, aged 97, is a Rat of Tobruk and was honoured on Anzac Day this year.]


  1. Thank you to this wonderful couple for their Christmas gift that they give to the people of Alice Springs each year.

  2. Old Mr Kinsman deserves the community’s respect, whereas the social service juvenile criminal pandering failure groups deserve nothing.
    They put the rights, protection and freedom of “their own” evil re-offending criminal children (clients) far ahead of all the good law abiding black and white people in our once good town.
    These days, unfortunately, there is no real punishment for juveniles and no fear of consequences,only one thing, far more crime and juvenile disrespect being tipped all over us all.
    Tough love worked for millions of years.

  3. Good to see the community still has spirit.
    How about any youths caught to be breaking the law instead of just essentially doing nothing, make them do community service such as walking around town picking up rubbish or some other physical duty during the day.
    That way they might not have any energy to run around all night breaking the law and it’s inexpensive.

  4. When I look at this man I wonder what it would be like to have known my own maternal uncle who was a Desert Rat and gunner with the 2nd division Tobruk.
    The damage to his house was done by a lowbrow and bitter person too jealous of others’ efforts to have a go themselves, preferring to destroy everything that reminds them for their own lack of importance.
    Unlike Sid and June the creep who invaded his private property and personal space and security, will pass from this world without causing a blimp or even noticed as missing.
    Sid and June on the other hand will live on in all our hearts and memories as a loving couple and example setters and damn fine Australians. Best wishes to them both.


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