NT Govt persists with push for Anzac Oval ownership


p2499g NIAG Lauren Moss 430By ERWIN CHLANDA
Arts Minister Lauren Moss says she will continue pursuing NT Government ownership of the Anzac Oval for the art gallery project despite the unanimous decision by the oval’s current owner, the Town Council, to hold on to it.
Ms Moss does not articulate how she will proceed in her quest, but said this in a statement to the Alice Springs News Online a short while ago: “We have sought to work with council throughout this project but they have been unable to form a clear position.
“One meeting they voted against a motion to take Anzac Precinct off the table. The next meeting they rejected our efforts to progress the project on this site and asked for our advice on where to go from here.
“The only thing they are clear on is that they support the National Aboriginal Art Gallery being built in Alice Springs.
“We have made it clear that Anzac Precinct is our preferred site,” says Ms Moss.
“We will continue to engage with council about how to transition the site to one owner, being the Northern Territory Government.”
Ms Moss did not agree to an interview requested by the News.
We would have asked her if she will compulsorily acquire the land.
“We need to get on with this project and we intend to do that at Anzac Precinct,” she said in her statement.
These are the questions we emailed yesterday, with our request for an interview:

• Now that Anzac Oval is not available, what is the next move?
• Why is the Anzac Precinct the preferred site in the face of huge public opposition?
• There are at least two sites on offer south of The Gap – why are they not being considered?



  1. @ Ms Moss: “The only thing we are clear on is that Alice Springs residents support the National Aboriginal Art Gallery being built in Alice”, but we will prefer a cultural center, in collaboration with the Aborigines, because art is part of culture. This Center seems to have been forgotten.
    You have made it clear that Anzac Precinct is your preferred site, and we have made it clear that we do like this site. You always said “preferred” which implies there are other choices.
    You wish to continue to engage with council about how to transition the site to one owner, being the Northern Territory Government.
    What cannot you understand, that the Anzac Oval is not the property of the council, but of the taxpayers and they do not want to give the oval to a bully government who cannot be trusted as many of us wonder what is the hidden agenda behind this charade.
    You have only twi years left in government.
    Do you really want us to believe the project will be done in time? You have no site, no design nothing to put in!
    It will take more than two years to achieve your goal if it really is your goal.

  2. The only thing definite about this art gallery is that the government really has no idea of what to do or how to go about it.
    It puts out pollie talk press releases and advertising at great expense that say nothing of consequence.
    When some concrete plans, designs and ideas are presented it may encourage people to go along with what is proposed and even be involved with the final result.
    Until then bully boy tactics by the government and their minders will continue to get people off side and dig in harder against the whole issue.

  3. @ Ms Moss: Doris Stuart and Harold Furber, recognised senior voices in Alice Springs, have said they would like a cultural centre in a culturally appropriate setting, but the Anzac site is not suitable. The ASTC has voted unanimously not to accept your offer to “transition the ownership” (!) of Anzac Oval to you.
    And you still want to transition that ownership?
    This is becoming bizarre.

  4. Your government is bullying the people in Alice Springs. We will not be bullied.
    It’s time you listened to the Indigenous people who already have plans for the Cultural Centre and Art Gallery.
    Leave Anzac oval and the school alone.

  5. The cards have been dealt, the reason they want it on Anzac Oval is to line the businesses pockets because once again it’s to the detriment of Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal people have spoken to having it south of the Gap. There is the saying: NO Means NO.


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