Native Title extinguished over Anzac High School site


2533 Anzac Highschool OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Native Title has been extinguished over the Anzac Oval and the area occupied by the old Anzac Hill High School (pictured), according to Lauren Moss, Minister for Tourism and Culture.
“No Indigenous Land Use Agreements are required in relation to the Anzac Hill Precinct for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery to be built there,” she says, “subject to sacred sites in the area being protected and honoured in accordance with the conditions set as part of the sacred site survey process.”
Ms Moss gave no direct answer why her government had not asked the native title organisation Lhere Artepe whether it favoured Anzac Hill precinct as the site for the gallery: “No request has been made to Lhere Artepe to accept or reject the proposed site at Anzac Hill,” the organisation said last week.
“There have been ongoing discussions with the Lhere Artepe,” says Ms Moss.
“While there are a broad range of views among Aboriginal people and elders, some of whom are supportive and some who are not, key cultural authorities have given their support for the Anzac Hill precinct site to be used for the gallery.
“The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) has issued an authority certificate over the Anzac Hill precinct, including the old Anzac Hill high school site and Anzac Oval, which means the art gallery could go ahead [there].
“Key meetings with local traditional owners and custodians will be ongoing to work through opportunities and also how the Territory Labor Government can respectfully deliver a project that meets the cultural, social and economic needs of local people.”


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