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Al Strangeways wins Portrait of a Senior Territorian

p2571 Al Strangeways - Kathleen Wallace 430Popular Alice Springs artist Al Strangeways has won the 2018 Portrait of a Senior Territorian with Hills: Kathleen Wallace and the Dancers.
Ms Wallace is an eastern Arrernte elder, teacher and internationally respected artist who has lived in her homelands her whole life. Born in a remote area, she was kept away from mission and stations until severe drought and the encroachment of station activities on traditional hunting and gathering led her to being taken to Santa Teresa Mission as a teenager in the 1950s.
Since the late 1960s, Kathleen and her husband have raised 30 children. Throughout her life, she has maintained Arrernte knowledge and worked hard to honour her responsibility to ensure it is handed on, especially through storytelling and painting.
Dr Strangeways will receive $7,000 dollars as part of her First Prize Acquisition Award.
Katalin Hörömpó was awarded second prize for her portrait of Gary Single titled Verso, receiving $2,000. Gaye Coyne was awarded third prize for her portrait, Russell Totham out Fishing and Camping with Spot, receiving $500.
Peter John Turner and his portrait Mick Palmer, as well as Julia Mayman with Proud Land received a Judges’ Commendation for their entries.
The judges’ criteria included technical expertise, originality, effectiveness in capturing the personality of the subject, effectiveness in capturing the Territory’s identity, culture and history (with the award this year celebrating 40 years of self-government), contribution to the legacy of NT art and the Portrait of a Senior Territorian, as well as their personal response to the work.
The People’s Choice will be announced on 22 October.


  1. Congratulations Al! Good on you. (Might need you to touch up my portrait, a bit less hair, a few more wrinkles.)

  2. Amazing portrait, Al. Particularly captured by Kathleen painting the very hills she is surrounded by … creation goes on. Beautiful sweep of flow and technical precision.


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