Classroom cops back – but only in one Alice school


2524 Tabby Fudge 1 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Only one school in the southern NT, the Centralian Middle School, will have school based police officers re-introduced. Most of the other nine schools to get them are in the Top End.
The scheme was scrapped by the Giles Government about five years ago and Tabby Fudge (pictured), the president  of the NT Council of Government School Organisations, called for the re-introduction in March last year.
Nicole Manison, Minister for Police, and Selena Uibo, Minister for Education, say in a media release the new model “aims to address issues raised during the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children with a greater focus on safety.
“Police will operate in collaboration with Youth and Community Engagement Constables model during and after school hours and beyond the school environment to target youth at risk of disengaging.
“We also want to ensure that a child’s first encounter with a police officer is a positive one.”
The release says this model is an improvement on the old program and acknowledges that a “one size fits all” approach does not work.
“It ensures there are more resources available to deal with youth who need greater attention and assistance. The new model also allows greater flexibility to target at risk youth who might not be attending school or who might not be attending class on a regular basis.
“The model has been co-designed with other agencies to enhance relationships in the community and align with the recommendations of the Royal Commission. An interim report of the program will be compiled in Term 1, 2019.”
All school based police will carry firearms and may use impact resistant vests: “This takes into consideration the current threat level, and also provides members with the ability to respond to emergencies,” says the release.
Are these schools chosen “bad” schools?
Says the release: “These schools has been chosen using an intelligence-led, evidence-based approach.”
What about schools which miss out?
“Principals and school staff can contact the Sergeant of Community and Youth Engagement during business hours via email or telephone,” says the release.


  1. There were school cops at ASHS and Anzac in the 80s and 90s, also at Centralian for a while. The success depended on the cops’ willingness to muck in, most were good, some excellent.
    A positive influence in the schools. No need for guns though, crikey, we are not America yet.

  2. How about acting on the rest of the recommendations and closing Don Dale, lifting the age of criminal responsibility and holding the criminal guards responsible?
    Another concerning move towards an ever growing police state.

  3. Ha ha, body worn vests. Not sure how else a vest is worn if not on the body?
    Maybe the info supplied to the Alice Springs News Online meant to say body worn cameras? The same ones supplied to operational police and most recently housing officers.
    On another note, Alex, are you serious? Criminal guards? Maybe you refer to the farce of a RC, who referred matters to NT Police who found no basis for charges to be laid against the workers involved.
    One of the workers was charged in Supreme Court, but found to be acting lawfully, skilfully and appropriately, not once but also on appeal. Transcript is available.
    As far as raising the age of criminal responsibility? Simply means that kids will be free to break in, bash, steal, rob, destroy for two more years and face no real consequence.
    Tell me how that goes down when you are confronted with a 13-year-old girl with a knife. Believe me, these kids know right from wrong at 10, but we give them two years’ grace.
    These are not naughty children, then are unloved kids who have learned that it is kill or be killed, and get a kick out of seeing somebody else in fear rather than them.


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