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Gallery chicken before the egg under Labor: Opposition

p2239-Gary-Higgins-2LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The national Indigenous art gallery planned for Alice Springs is a once-in-a-life time opportunity that is quickly becoming a missed opportunity under the Territory Labor government.
The Opposition supports Alice Springs being the home of the national Indigenous art gallery. This gallery does not belong in South Australia, but the first steps in the gallery’s development has become a debacle under the Labor government.
Last night’s Alice Springs Town Council motion – supported unanimously – reinforced the confusion and lack of genuine consultation by the government.
The Council’s motion, to develop a steering committee with key stakeholders, including the government and council (who owns the land in question) should have been one of the initial steps the government undertook.
This gallery project has become classic chicken before the egg under Labor – rather than genuine consultation and resolution on a location, Labor made an announcement, ignored the recommendation of its own advisory committee, botched the consultation process and then called for tenders for a business case a mere three weeks ago, after being in government for two years.
We cannot sit by and watch as South Australia builds the jewel in the Indigenous art crown.
The Opposition would’ve expected that the Alice Springs community be offered the opportunity to partake in genuine consultation on the location of the gallery, as work on financing and detailed plans continue concurrently.
Gary Higgins  (pictured)
Leader of the Territory Opposition


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