Crime wave by juveniles


Tennant Creek police say they arrested three boys aged 13, 14, and 15, and an 18-year-old man following a number of “incidents” over the weekend.
Around 11pm on Saturday they received a report of an alleged aggravated assault at a service station.
Police believe the man and the 13-year-old boy entered the service station and stole property. A store employee witnessed this and locked the store doors.
The boy was able to flee while the man remained locked inside the building. It is alleged he assaulted an employee by throwing cans of drink and punching him to the face.
“Upon arrival police observed a large number of persons yelling in the bushland before decamping the area,” police say.
The man was arrested onsite and has been charged with assaulting a worker, stealing and criminal damage.
Police were then called to an “unlawful entry at a bank” at about 1.30am on Sunday, saw a suspect and gave chase. The suspect, a 14-year-old boy, was apprehended. It is alleged he spat at police.
He was charged with damaging property, unlawful entry and assaulting police.
About an hour later police say they received a report that a 13-year-old boy was walking around with a stolen firearm.
Police arrested the youth and recovered a .22 calibre firearm without incident.
Police say they believe the firearm was stolen by the 13-year-old and co-offenders during an unlawful entry around midnight.
The boy has been charged with three counts each of stealing and unlawful entry, possessing ammunition, possessing and using a firearm without a licence, recklessly endangering life, discharging a firearm and going armed in public.
A 15-year-old boy has also been charged with possessing and using a firearm, carrying an exposed firearm in public and going armed in public.
Police say they are seeking information on further possible offenders and investigations are continuing.

– Police Media report



  1. NT Police really deserve a medal putting up with this day in, day out.
    They are probably picking up the same adults and kids three or four times a week as the judicial systems have let them down again.
    And this is not only in Tennant but in the whole of the Territory.
    Bloody shame on the Gunner Government. Get your shit together before you lose the whole of the Territory!


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