Four councillors walk out of tonight's Town Council meeting


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ABOVE: Councillors Satour and Melky rise to leave the council chamber tonight. The chairman of the Finance Committee, Cr Cocking (at right in the photo) followed them. BOTTOM: Cr Banks rises to walk out as well.

Last updated 10.56 pm, 13 August 2018.
Tonight’s Town Council finance committee meeting came to a standstill when Cr Eli Melky led a 10 minute walk-out by fellow councillors Marli Banks, Catherine Satour and Jimmy Cocking.
The action was intended to “push back” at the “fear and misinformation” affecting the current council.
Cr Melky invited those councillors affected by Code of Conduct complaints to join him.
He did not identify who has made the complaints. Some have been dealt with by the department and dismissed or rejected. Others are clearly still outstanding.
Cr Catherine Satour was the first to stand. Cr Marli Banks followed. Cr Jimmy Cocking was in the chair. He hesitated before saying as a matter of honesty he felt obliged to also walk out.
Neither Cr Satour nor Cr Cocking would make further comment.
Cr Banks said she left to support her fellow councillors. She does not have a Code of Conduct complaint against her.
Mayor Damien Ryan, when asked what he as leader is going to do about this situation, said he is waiting for Cr Melky to present him with his document – the written statement
Has he not spoken with Cr Melky on this issue since the last meeting [when Cr Melky first broke the silence on the Code of Conduct complaints]? No, he hasn’t.
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UPDATE 8.25pm
Cr Matt Paterson was elected Deputy Mayor over Cr Satour. Cr Paterson was nominated by Cr Cocking. Cr Satour was nominated by Cr Banks, seconded by Cr Melky. Heads of standing committees: Finance Cr Cocking (re-elected); Cr de Brenni for Corporation and Community Services; Cr Glen Auricht for Technical Services.


  1. A walk out for 10 minutes. That is what a parent demands for a child behaviouing petulantly.
    Our elected members have shown their childish side with this behaviour.
    Petulant behaviour left only adults in the chamber.
    How can we the residents really see any maturity in our current council?

  2. Walk out of a meeting to show objection and disagreement show character because they deflect what will otherwise be a confrontation or slanging match
    This is also the reason why parents and educators ask a child to go for a walk, because if it is the adult who walk out, the child perceive this as a victory until he/she understand that it is the contrary.
    Restraint is a virtue related to the concept of freedom: By letting go, you can actually control your mind instead of having your mind control you.


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