Government earthworks denude large area


2538 St Mary's Creek 2 OK
2538 St Mary's Creek 3 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Massive dusty earthworks south of the new Kilgariff suburb have come under fire from the Arid Lands Environment Centre.
CEO Jimmy Cocking, when asked to comment, said ALEC’s concern is that the original drainage system was looking at gravel beds and absorption strategies without the redirection of St Mary’s creek.
“This now starves the ironwood forest south of Col Rose Drive of critical flows of water and will impact on local habitat,” he says.
“It will have a similar effect to the open drains taking water from the Coolabah Swamp / Ankerre Ankerre in Eastside and Sadadeen suburbs, causing widespread tree deaths.
“The denuding of the area presents an immediate dust threat and potential erosion threats.”
2529 Jimmy Cocking 130Mr Cocking says ALEC’s preference would have been a culvert under Col Rose Drive to ensure the flow of St Mary’s Creek. The surface run off would support the ecological communities south of Col Rose Drive.
“We have been informed that water would still run across Col Rose Drive at times of heavy rainfall with a culvert in place.
“We have not seen any hydrological data to demonstrate that the current course of action was the best way forward.”



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