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Smiles, colours in multicultural harmony

2538 Multicultural 5 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Every fifth person living in Alice Springs was born overseas, in one of 65 countries, and on Saturday some 900 of them strutted their fashions, music, dances and food at the Big Day out in Harmony.
It’s held by the Multicultural Community Services of Central Australia and the Town Council whose front lawn turned into a scene of colour and smiles.
Organiser Marguerite Baptiste-Rooke says Indians make up the majority of the new Alicians, followed by Philippinos and Sudanese. Maoris are probably next line, she says.
All are working, she says, in fact most of them have two or three jobs, supplementing their day jobs by stacking supermarkets shelves at night.
About half of them own or are buying a home. About 15% have their own business, ranging from food outlets to petrol stations, cleaning, gardening and handyman services, says Ms Baptiste-Rooke.
2538 Multicultural 1 OKA good deal of them are staying in town for several years, but many leave when their first-born turns 18 and takes up tertiary studies interstate.
PHOTOS (from top): Kaur Paramjit (foreground) and two friends performing an northern Indian dance • Indian Malayalee dancers Vismaya Damadaran (left, in town for 11 years) and Priya Panickar (arrived five months ago) • Young Samoan dancers being introduced by their mother, Punoa •  three young spectators in their traditional gear •
2538 Multicultural 6 OK
2538 Multicultural 3 OK


  1. People ex other cultures work two or three jobs and get taxed at 50%. They see others not working yet get paid?


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