Government backflips on alcohol floor price: Lambley


p2215-Robyn-Lambley-SMLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The Chief Minister has admitted he will back-flip on his key election promise of not introducing a floor price on alcohol.
Under questioning in Parliament from me he conceded that that he made this election promise in “numerous interviews” prior to the 2016 NT Election.
The debate on a floor price has been ongoing f or almost 20 years in Alice Springs , with most residents heavily against an alcohol floor price, or effectively paying a premium for alcohol.
Similar promises on an alcohol floor price were also made by the Member for Braitling, Dale Wakefield, in the lead up to the 2016 NT Election.
Ms Wakefield told an alcohol election forum organised by the People’s Alcohol Action Coalition (PAAC) in August 2016 that a Labor Government would definitely not introduce a floor price on alcohol
It is almost certain Labor (and Dale Wakefield) would not have won the seat of Braitling, by 27 preference votes , if they had told the truth.
“They have lied to win seats in Central Australia. This lack of integrity and dishonesty will not be tolerated by Territorians.
Robyn Lambley MLA (pictured)
Independent Member for Araluen


  1. I hope they bring in a floor price, and I hope they further restrict take-away hours. One day out of seven with no take-away would be a good idea. And then look at the sheer number of liquor outlets with an idea of buy-back.
    Alcohol is the social drug of choice for many, so plan ahead. It is also the anti-social drug of desperation for many, and unless we start getting on top of that aspect there will be little change in our troublesome mix.

  2. Very good that they are listening to the evidence, and following the Riley Review.

  3. Just looked at the number of 24hr bottle shops in Melbourne from as far north as Preston and south to St Kilda. There are 11.
    Not counting 24 hour operators, there are over 170 in a similar area.
    In Alice Springs, there are 10, although AA is actually listed as a takeaway bottle shop, so lets say 9. There is also home delivery of alcohol in Melbourne, so every house virtually has a bottle shop if they have a telephone.
    Yet despite these figures, we are the ones with a sheer number of takeaway alcohol? I don’t think it is the number of outlets we have, nor is it the opening hours.
    Maybe it is something else?


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