Budget cuts will hurt all people in the NT, says CPSU


2535 Kay Densley (ABC pic)LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The Community and Public Sector Union condemns the Gunner Government’s second Budget. Funding cuts to public services will hurt all people living in the Northern Territory.
The Budget bad news comes less than a fortnight after the Government announced it will axe at least 250 jobs in the Northern Territory public service.
This is a lazy Budget. The Gunner Government is continuing to apply a so-called efficiency dividend on Territory agencies. There’s nothing efficient about arbitrary cuts, ramped up to 3% of departmental budgets this year.
Slashing jobs can only lead to lower quality and less reliable public services, or services disappearing altogether, and unreasonable workloads for the public sector staff who remain.
We are surveying NT public sector workers and they are identifying numerous alternative savings measures that could be applied without having the damaging consequences of what’s currently proposed.
Of course we are in this dire situation because of the tremendous damage the Turnbull Government has caused to the NT by slashing at least $3.4b in GST funding. Liberal politicians in Canberra have betrayed the Northern Territory, but the Gunner Government is making the wrong calls in responding to these challenges.
Kay Densley (ABC photo)
CPSU NT Regional Secretary


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