Alice Springs News reader reveals Anzac Oval secret plan


2534 Anzac Oval details revealed OK
Sir – Your vivid and most pleasing reporting of Monday’s Alice Springs Town Council meeting, which put Ryan and Gunner firmly where they belong, was the best read ever published by your newspaper.
Our once vibrant, prosperous, busy, happy beautiful town and complete tourism industry is down on its knees because of violent anti-social behavior.
I wasted 20 years trying to resolve it with all parties involved, as recorded in numerous Alice Springs Town Council (ASTC) and NT Police reports, in respect of the two CBD shopping centres we then owned and managed between 1977 and 2002.
This included my tour around town taking Hal Wootten [author of the Report of the Law Reform Commission on hearsay evidence together with an outline thereof] to view most sacred sites during the proposed flood mitigation dam enquiry.
Hatton has a copy of my detailed plans, elevations and schematic design for the National Indigenous Cultural Centre (pictured) and Kere Kwatye dreaming development from when I presented it to him onsite at the 1991 Alice Springs Show weekend.
I also presented it to the NT Sacred Sites Authority, NT Tourist Commission and ASTC likewise.
Peter Bassett


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