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New energy for anti fracking campaign

2532 fracking rally OK
The battle against fracking is just beginning, says Jimmy Cocking, of the Arid Lands Environment Centre, after a rally attended by about 300 people in Todd Mall at noon today.
“Non violent resistance” is likely to be applied by people in the “direct line of fire” – but always as the initiative of the locals on whose land fracking is taking place.
Mr Cocking says this is likely to be first in the Beetaloo Basin at Elliott, north of Tennant Creek, where mining companies had already obtained statutory environmental approvals before the moratorium lifted by the NT Government yesterday was imposed.
Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s prediction that fracking can start in the next dry season is risky, says Mr Cocking: “It is always bad to overestimate capability and underestimate the task.”
He says a national support is already ramping up across the nation, likely to be as vocal as the Jabiluka anti uranium campaign in the late 90s.
His advice to the locals at Elliott is to “keep eyes and ears open” and in the “absence of the government being an effective watchdog, collect water samples, take the photos.
“It’s the people versus power, money and influence. We need to give them political support, stand up to that power.”


  1. No point voting for the Opposition as they are pro fracking. 1 Territory? Whom do we vote for at the next election …

  2. The Northern Territory Government has completely broken faith with Territorians. The fracking industry has no social license.
    If there has been one clear truth over recent years it is that people don’t want a fracking industry here.
    No amount of government cash thrown into PR spin will change that.

  3. @ Ban Fracking: Have you forgotten 2012 NT elections?
    I was the Green candidate for Greatorex and was very upset when I was told I had to make a deal with Labor. Nothing I could do, but then I quit the party after the elections. Since then I do not trust any party.
    “Political truth is mutable, relative, adaptable. It may even be absent or, worse, irrelevant; a servant to the more certain verities of power and advantage.”

  4. 1 Territory will ban fracking if elected to office.
    We will compete in the Federal election and the Territory election and any by election in between.
    We were founded on banning fracking and its the platform of our party. It’s not our only policy.
    Get with Territorians that are going to kick some serious arse if elected. WE WILL BAN FRACKING AND WE WILL NOT GO BACK ON OUR WORD FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE.

  5. Whoever wishes to represent the NT must represent the wish of the people. The people of the NT have said NO FRACK’n FRACKING.
    Seems clear enough to me. 135 recommendations, implemented or not, will not change that fracking for gas is no good for you, except for the pocket of some.
    When shall we put energy into solar in the NT, Mr Gunner?

  6. As the Greek proverb goes: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
    So the NT will grow great when our leaders forget their pockets and think renewal energy.
    May be we will have less revenues and will suffer for a bit in the hands of the Feds, but our children will live on and well.

  7. @ Local: Maybe some could not come, and/or the ones like myself who know that is useless because Australia so called democratic country is under a totalitarian regime that is expanding industrial order and the complexities of a bureaucratic government. No one in government gives an ear to the pleb.

  8. Money rules and the multinational mining companies know that the Australian people, just like their politicians are a pushover.
    This land shall continue to be raped at the invitation of the very people who are voted in to speak for us and those lovely Indigenous people’s silence shall be deafening because unlike their talk, they do not give a stuff.
    Australia shall receive its just deserts and may those who allow it rot in hell.


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