Kittles car yard hit again


The Peter Kittle Motor Company car yard was hit again by “several youths” at about 4:40am this morning when 16 vehicles were damaged.
Police say the cost of the damage is still being determined and they have identified youths from CCTV footage who are yet to be located and spoken to.
Watch Commander Pauline Vicary says: “We will investigate the incident and work with families and support agencies in an attempt to divert these young people into more positive behaviours and activities in an attempt to prevent these offences occurring.
“These incidents impact significantly on local businesses and police will continue to support our business community to reduce these incidents.”
Police are asking any witnesses to come forward.


  1. Poor Kittles, unfortunately they won’t get any justice, just a big bill. What’s worse is it will most likely happen again … and again. Until there is a real deterrent it won’t stop.

  2. When will the police learn that there is one IMMEDIATE solution to all this juvenile nighttime madness?
    Six police with six dogs – two Rottweilers, two Dobermanns and two German Shepherds, on leashes, will disperse these kids in a given five minutes. Remember that I did not say “unleash the dogs”.
    At the moment these fleet-footed kids know they can outwit, outrun and outsmart heavily-weighted policemen and policewomen in the rough country around Anzac Hill.
    But the mere suggestion of a cheeky dog taking a slice of them will work miracles.

  3. Hey Resident: Silence from everyone at the moment. Strange no one is writing about this or even discussing on the radio.

  4. I have said it before and ill say it again. Find out which community they belong to, and when it comes time to receive royalty money, take the money that is owed from that community including administration fees, and let them know why they can’t afford their new cars.
    See what happens to the youth then.

  5. It is time to bring in the cane! Once these criminals have tasted the 20 lashes, all comparable crime will cease.


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