Opposition 'confused' on infrastructure spending


p2168-Nicole-ManisonLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The Territory Labor Government’s number priority is jobs, with a $1.75b job-creating cash budget for 2017/18.

So far this financial year, government has spent over $900m on capital works, repairs and maintenance, grants and on infrastructure related payments, including government owned corporations, and we will reach $1b over the next month.
The Leader of the Opposition appears to be as confused on Budget matters. His misunderstanding could have been easily clarified nine months ago when the Budget was released, or at Budget Estimates in June had he bothered to turn up.
The CLP were chaotic in Government, and they are equally chaotic in Opposition, constantly talking the Territory down, and encouraging their Canberra mates to turn their backs on the Territory.
To be very clear, Territory Labor is on track for a record infrastructure spend in 2017/18, with projects such as the $26m Palmerston Police Station, the $40m Gunn Point Road, $40m Barneson Boulevard, the $32m State Square underground car park and the $8m Katherine fire station all soon to be awarded.
We also have massive roads projects such as the $57.4m Keep River Plains road upgrade to support Project Sea Dragon and the $77.8m Arnhem Highway – Adelaide River floodplain upgrade expected to be released in April at the start of the dry season.

Nicole Manison (pictured)


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