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Renewable research: $5m over three years

24105 Desert Knowledge precinct OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The Territory Government will be spending $5m over three years on the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy (ICFE) housed at the Desert Knowledge Precinct (pictured) in Alice Springs.
Investment in solar energy and other renewables creates jobs, is a boost for economic development, and puts less pressure on our natural environment.
Capitalising on our renewable resources will also deliver secure, reliable and affordable power for families and businesses.
With the new energy centre we will be positioning ourselves as the Solar Capital of Australia and lead the way in research, development and implementation.
The ICFE will be run by Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA), the Northern Territory leader and innovator in renewable energy technologies and practical integration and will have the ability to further attract partnerships and investments.
We will be reaching out to create partnerships with stakeholders in the energy sector across Australia such as the Commonwealth’s Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and other enterprises who share DKA and the Government’s vision for robust energy solutions.
We will also build on the excellent infrastructure that already exists at the Desert Knowledge Precinct and be in a position to assist the energy sector identify the knowledge they need, then develop and share it.
The ICFE will welcome new General Manager Sara Johnson in January 2018 to begin the centre’s rollout.
Dale Wakefield (pictured)
Member for Braitling 
Lauren Ganley, CEO


  1. This is the way forward!
    Good on you Alice!
    Much better than dumping dangerous waste in salt caverns! This is what we should be recognized for in the world!


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