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p2351 Robyn Lambley OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The deadline for having your say on where the National Indigenous Art Gallery will be located ends tomorrow, Friday, December 1.
Minister for Arts and Culture, Lauren Moss, says the online survey “Have your Say” is the only community consultation process the NT Government will use to determine the location of the new National Indigenous Art Gallery which is very disappointing.
Given the magnitude and significance of the National Indigenous Art Gallery to Alice Springs, I would have expected a more extensive and thorough process of community consultation.
Of those who are able to access a computer, only a small number of people will complete an online survey of this kind.
In my view, neither option (Anzac Oval or the Desert Park) are ideal.
I would be very surprised if Alice Springs people would agree to give up Anzac Oval for an art gallery.
Minister Moss has refused to provide details of an alternative sporting venue to replace Anzac Oval, if it was chosen as the most suitable site.
So we could end up with one less sporting and social venue and nowhere for rugby union and rugby league to be played.
It is time the NT Government meaningfully engaged the people on the gallery and revitalizing our CBD.
Robyn Lambley (pictured)
Independent Member for Araluen


  1. Robin Lambley is playing politics of divisiveness here. Nothing more. Sad.

  2. Undoolya Road. Vacant Land. Flood free (low insurance). A short walk from the CBD. Good parking. And no sports field destroyed.

  3. Thanks for the alert, Robyn. I agree that the consultation process appears to be far too limited, and I think that giving up Anzac Oval would be ridiculous.
    There are lots of other options. (Wish the Supreme Court Building could be used – dead central and LOTS of vacant space inside!)

  4. Why were we not asked the question, do you want a new gallery? We already have beautiful, well used galleries at Araluen.
    How many people from The Center were on the decision making committee? This town does not need to be divided by anything at the moment, certainly not covering the backsides of the people who have decided we are going to get one, and have offered us the choice of where to put it.
    How very nice of them, when one site means giving up a historic site and well used oval, with no plans or money to spend on a replacement. The online survey didn’t ask the right questions for me.
    What about spending the money on a flood mitigation / recreation dam, something every one can enjoy.
    I appreciated Robin’s efforts to bring this issue to the public attention, as taking away Anzac oval is criminal to even think about it, and spending such a large sum of money on a project Darwin decided we need is not consulting the people.

  5. Redirect funds to flood mitigation dam! Too funny!
    Time to tell people where you stand, Robyn Lambley.

  6. Now that would have been an interesting question. Do the residents of Alice really want another art gallery? Or are we being sold a pup?

  7. What’s Lambley ever done for Alice? She should get behind some of the positive stuff and stop talking everything down.


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