Council election: The counts so far.


2468 Ryan, Cocking posters OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
With two-thirds of the votes counted Damien Ryan has nearly double Jimmy Cocking’s vote for Mayor, and Jacinta Price is streets ahead in the primary count for councillor.
She has 2059 votes, followed by Cocking (1465), Jamie de Brenni (832), Eli Melky (827), Matt Patterson (505), Glen Auricht (481), Joshua Burgoyne (386) and Jodi Lennox (355).
This update was made at 9:44pm and this is close to the final count, according the the NT Electoral Commission.
Incumbent Damien Ryan received 6192 votes, and Mr Cocking 3293.


  1. Jodie knocked on my door and sat on my cane chair on my front verandah.
    She was eager to make her pitch, but I offered her a glass of water and said you need not bother my dear.
    The fact that you’re pounding the footpath and your a young lady (forgive me for that terminology, I’m an old Territorian) you HAVE my vote. And she did.
    We need more women on the Council. Jimmy was my second vote for councillor as I believe Damien has earnt the right to push on.
    And finally, Jacinta represents our new age of reason. If we could only replicate her level of experience, understanding, balance and empathy that her parents Bess and David instilled in this young Territorian, woow.
    You GO girl. You are fit to perform and represent us on the National Stage. No risk.


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