Jimmy Cocking: Council not an ideological pedestal


2468 Jimmy Cocking & family OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – I’ve looked beyond left-wing and right-wing alignment in this campaign . The consistently important issues to residents of this town have guided my platform.
• Strong financial management and good governance: Over the last 10 years I have worked with million dollar budgets, sat on numerous boards, coordinated projects across regional Australia, set up sustainable enterprises and helped grow a small local music festival into a major tourism event.
• I will do something about youth related issues. If kids under 12 are out on the street after 11pm, there are sensible ways we should push for adjustments to our system to help ensure these kids get to a safe place for sleep, a feed and warmth. When visiting tribes come to Alice Springs they need to know about a code of conduct.
• I will not support cheap political smear campaigns, political bullying or the politics of division. Real success comes through hard work, truth, honesty and integrity of dealings.
• Real and intelligent debate: I’m not using council as an ideological pedestal. I will be inviting inputs from this town’s best and brightest, will not bring an activist approach to my council and will let my ideas and suggestions be judged on their merits. Councils should not automatically vote in a bloc.
• Slow, steady and responsible approach to change. No change can occur without stable foundations. Council is in good shape. I will keep my eye on the fundamentals.
Jimmy Cocking
Candidate for Mayor and Councillor


  1. I agree completely with you Jimmy on almost everything you’ve said.
    But drawing attention to past politically inspired actions and their consequences and asking questions relating to significant issues is not smearing, it is asking for honest responses.
    The divisions are already there and the campaigning for allies make those divisions worse.
    A supporter [of a party] abused a young woman today bringing her to the point of tears. Now that’s divisive.


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