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Batchelor Institute in turmoil: Leak

p2146-Batchelor-graduatesBy ERWIN CHLANDA
“We are genuinely trying to ensure appropriate fiscal and operational measures are put in place at Batchelor Institute to protect jobs and its reputation at the same time.”
This is part of a memo from the organiser of the National Tertiary Education Union NT branch, Delia Lawrie, to its members, leaked to the Alice Springs News Online.
It comes after months of speculation about issues relating to Recognition of Prior Leaning (RPL), poor spending policies and job losses – issues stonewalled by both the institute and the union.
The leaked document refers to “a list of concerns” and an “urgent meeting” being sought with Education Minister Eva Lawyer and Treasurer Nicole Manison.
The union is holding a meeting today and there will be further meetings, the memo indicates.
Photo: Students pictured at a graduation ceremony in Alice Springs three years ago.


  1. It’s the soft racism of low expectations once again. It’s not just governments failing Aboriginal people.

  2. Soft racism of low expectations?
    The average Batchelor student from the bush is barely literate.
    Batchelor is not funded to repeat 10 years of schooling.
    Raising standards would see Batchelor’s pass rate and income plummet.
    Fudging success is an economic imperative.
    Periodically it is exposed as a scandal.
    Batchelor management are wrong to think they can protect it’s reputation.
    That is long gone.
    No employer in Central Australia trusts that Batchelor qualifications mean anything.

  3. Batchelor Institute has made a succession of very poor decisions at the highest levels for a very long time.
    Bullying and nepotism have always been rife, and staunch students who questioned issues were ostracized from the rest.
    There have been many non Indigenous people employed there for many years and truth be told, they were never there for the old blackfella.

  4. Time to have another look at this same low expectations but the changed faces are getting vastly improved salaries and conditions of employment.
    How many ecutives on $200k plus salary packages do you need to run a small Tafe provider teaching predominately Certificate 1 and Certificate II courses but pretending to be a university? $50m of NT and Commonwealth funding going down the drain to feed bloated would be academics. Meanwhile the non completion rate soars and management levels increase.


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