Higgins doubts Gunner's more cops promise


p2239-Gary-HigginsLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Labor’s commitment for an additional 120 police during this term of Government is floundering.
The Chief Minister admitted in the 12 months since taking office, Labor has recruited one additional police officer.
This is well short of the Chief Minister’s 120 additional police target and explains the concern police have expressed about resourcing.
Last year there were 1419 police in the Territory. Today there are 1420.
Just one additional officer is a bitterly disappointing outcome.
Territorians have every right to ask why the Labor Government is not listening to their concerns about crime.
With only one extra officer, why should anybody believe the Chief Minister will honour his commitment for an additional 120 police?
Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured)


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