Dual citizens can stand for council, NT Parliament


2468 Barnaby Joyce OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
The Federal Government may be on the brink of collapse because Deputy Prime Minster Barnaby Joyce (pictured) is a Kiwi (by descent), but voters in Alice Springs can pre-poll without fear because council candidates are allowed to have two or more citizenships.
One of them must be Australian, of course.
The same applies to candidates for a seat in the NT Government, according to the NT Electoral Commission.
COUNCIL CANDIDATES in Alice Springs News Online (in order of publication):
27-year-old stands for council
(Joshua Burgoyne)
Alice council heading for Donald Trump style dynasty?
(Joshua Burgoyne)
Murray Stewart seeks come-back to town council
Environmentalist stands for Mayor, Councillor
(Jimmy Cocking)
Hostel for kids, healing a split town: candidate’s vision
(Donna Lemon)
Youth crime, flooding on Glen Auricht’s council agenda
Fresh eyes on his adopted home: candidate John Paul Sirus
Bridging gap between council and coalface: John Adams
‘Put community in the driving seat’: candidate Donna Digby
‘Room to move’ on environment: Greens council candidate
(Jodi Lennox)
Jenni Lillis: A council beyond rates, roads and rubbish
Candidate Marli Banks: less talk, more action


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