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Town camp attackers should face full force of law

3468 Criminal Damage 1LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The latest assault on two police officers in Alice Springs continues a disturbing trend of violence against emergency service workers.
Once again police have come under attack while doing their job.
Attacks across the Territory appear to be growing in frequency and severity and it was only luck that prevented more serious injuries occurring in the latest town camp attack.
The Northern Territory has mandatory sentencing for assaults of this type and it is my expectation that offenders are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Chief Minister and Police Minister Michael Gunner needs to detail what plans his government will put in place to tackle this disturbing trend.
Gary Higgins
Opposition Leader
UPDATE 11:30am August 10
Police say they have arrested four males in relation to the alleged assault on two police officers and damage to a police vehicle.
Acting Superintendent Scott Manley said that the incident occurred at a town camp on August 8.
“Members from Strike Force Winx arrested four men aged 36, 26, and 20 and a male youth aged 17,” he said. “An 18-year-old female is still outstanding.”
The 17-year-old male was charged with criminal damage and being armed with an offensive weapon.
He was bailed to appear in the Alice Springs Local Court today.
The remaining males are assisting police with their inquiries and further charges are likely.


  1. No matter who is in power politically, I agree with Mr Higgins.
    If you allow the law of the land to be sidestepped for any particular group of people anarchy will surely follow.
    Black white or brindle you MUST enforce the law of the land.
    Sidestep the law for any group for any reason and chaos is a certainty.

  2. Paradoxically those who suffer most when the law is not enforced are the most vulnerable and marginalised in the perpetrator’s own communities.
    Around the world the great majority of the victims of Islamist terror are Muslims.
    In this country the overwhelming majority of the victims of Aboriginal violence are Aboriginal.
    Those who advocate for a softening of the law’s application are concerned only for the perpetrators and have none for the victims.
    Between 60% and 70% of the male Aboriginal inmates in our jail are there for serious crimes of violence against their own women.
    If you want to do something effective about emptying our jails of Aboriginal inmates talk men into not attacking their women.
    And beyond that talk all Aboriginal people into rejecting violence as a solution to anything.
    More and more women are being charged with violence offences. It’s not too big a leap from routinely inflicting violence on your own mob to inflicting it on police and others.

  3. Hi DavePrice, reading your words, it is not hard to see where Jacinta gets her wisdom from.
    There are many voices out there crying out trying to blame anybody except those truly responsible, yet Dave, and Jacinta, are both able to articulate and explain the answers that many residents are searching for.
    Or maybe they know the answers, and David and Jacinta are the ones that validate them.
    Thanks Dave.

  4. Yet again, the gutless pollies along with the do-gooders will prevent any real penalties for those who commit violence against others.
    You can talk all you like, but it will only be listened to if you removed any “substances” and if the person is willing to listen.
    So, until that time, we will have to implement real penalties for those who commit violent acts, especially when it come to violence against police.
    To the pollies and Do-gooders, SERIOUSLY try to imagine giving your loved ones a kiss goodbye before they go to work for the day, not knowing if the next time you see them, may be when you have to go to hospital or worse, the cemetery.
    It’s a sad state of affairs, but this is what the police in this town put up with!
    And no, I’m not interested that it happens everywhere, I am only interested that it happens in our town at the moment.
    Perhaps Gunner, is Gunna do something when he gets A Round Tuit.


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