All talk no action on ankle bracelets


2442 ankle bracelet 1Sir – The Gunner Labor government’s rhetoric around crime is once again not matched by its actions, with confirmation that despite ankle bracelet legislation passing the Assembly on urgency in March, no offenders have been fitted with bracelets.
Youth crime and crime is at record levels. The Opposition teamed with the community to push the Government for changes to the Bail Act to reduce the re-offending rate for young offenders.
The Government eventually caved and introduced laws that gave police the power to issue electronic monitoring bracelets on youth offenders released on police bail after their first offence.
In its rush to appear to be doing something, the Government has failed to deliver an effective solution.
This was widely promoted by the Government as putting victims first – but once again this was only rhetoric.
Lia Finocchiaro
Deputy Opposition Leader


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