Lambley, Gunner slugging it out


It’s media handouts at ten paces for Robyn Lambley, Independent Member for Araluen, and Chief Minister Michael Gunner:
p2215-Robyn-Lambley-SMMs Lambley: Under pressure in Parliament yesterday the Gunner Government resorted to low tactics not seen in the NT Parliament since the former Giles regime.
Question Time was a fiasco with Government members screaming so loud the speakers were inaudible. And later in the evening the Labor Government produced and distributed via Facebook a range of personal and derogatory propaganda aimed at discrediting Members with a different opinion.
Tensions rose when I compared the fair, big spending, big taxing, mature Federal Budget to the kindergarten Budget announced last week by the Gunner Government.
When asked what the Government’s plan was to get the Territory out of $5.5b of debt into surplus, the Government ranks erupted.
Last night in Parliament I asked the Chief Minister to apologise for his offensive press release and political material generated by his office. So much for their promise to lift the tone of Territory politics.
p2354-michael-gunner-1Mr Gunner: Former CLP Treasurer Robyn Lambley have used question time today to express their support for a Federal Budget that is a kick in the guts for every man, woman and child in the Territory.
After last week attacking the Territory budget, which delivered a record $1.75b worth of infrastructure spending for the Territory, both the Opposition Leader and Member for Araluen have made it very clear that they would rather a budget with almost no infrastructure spending for Territorians.
The Member for Araluen referred to the Federal Budget, which delivers not a single dollar for Alice Springs, as “mature,” and “very impressive” – selling out the people Alice Springs, whom she has been elected to represent.


  1. “A Federal Budget that is a kick in the guts for every man, woman and child in the Territory.” I stand to be corrected if I misunderstood the Budget: 92,000 pensioners will have their concession cards reinstated after they were previously ruled to be too well-off to require one.
    Treasurer Scott Morrison said in his Budget speech the measures are designed to give older Australians a “fairer deal”.
    “To support older Australians we are restoring the pensioner concession card to those impacted by the pension assets test change introduced earlier this year,” he said.
    “As a result, they will regain access to state and territory based concessions that were withdrawn after the change.”
    The pensioner concession cards give recipients discounts on essential goods and services like medicines, public transport fares, vehicle registration and property rates.
    Pensioners, along with veterans and those on certain parenting payments, will also receive a cash payment to help them pay the rising cost of their electricity bills.
    I assume we have pensioners in the NT.

  2. Ms Lambley was quite correct in what she said, that the Budget was impressive and mature.
    We do not need any more funds spent on Alice Springs. Let’s stop being ostriches, pull our heads out of the sand and use what we have got.
    We have everything.
    We need to stop the spending, not only here in Alice but in the whole NT and start reining our debt in. The NT has had it too good for to long.
    The Indigenous need to stop winghing and start working together with white man. Do the Indigenous need to work for the dole, if not why not!


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