'Chinese company does better in Budget than locals'


p2428 Landbridge hotelLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Recent Budget announcements have done more to help [the Chinese lessee of the Darwin port] Landbridge than any Territorian or Territory-based company.
The Treasurer only casually mentioned the fact that Landbridge will now be able to build residential apartments at the six-star hotel site.  This is a huge gift to Landbridge.
Earlier, the Chief Minister gave a cryptic hint that the government would acquire 20% of the port operator, but he refused to say more.  Territorians need to know what back-door deals he is doing and what they will cost.
Then the Treasurer gave Landbridge $10m in connection and infrastructure works at the site of the six-star hotel and block of residential apartments.
Connection works to kick start the construction of a six-star hotel is one thing, but is the Treasurer now subsidising the building of more apartments in the city?
The last time the Chief Minister informed Territorians about his dealings with Landbridge it was about the sale of 34 hectares of land at East Arm for an undisclosed sum. He made that announcement in China.
Gary Higgins
Opposition Leader
IAMGE supplied.


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