Wheels grind slowly for road with 'national priority'


p2414 Tanami Road 2Following an extended period of rain and flooding, assessments are underway to determine the repairs needed on the Tanami Road, according to a media release from the NT Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.
The Tanami region has reportedly exceeded its average annual rainfall in the first 39 days of 2017 and December and January were the wettest months on record in the last 46 years of data collection.
The road from the Stuart Highway through to Yuendemu has now been reopened to all traffic. The section of road from 346 km to 359 km from the Stuart Highway, which incorporates Floodout Creek, has been made passable with preliminary repair works completed.
Water has damaged the road between 484 kilometres to 527 km, the Granites Mine intersection. Repair works have been undertaken to make this section passable, enabling the conditional opening with weight restriction in place.
Roadtech Constructions Pty Ltd is currently undertaking gravel resheet works between 510 km the mine, and there will be further repair works to occur as recent sunny weather has assisted in drying the road and improving access to enable assessment and repair of damaged sections.
Works are expected to be completed by June, says the release.
p2414 Tanami Road 1Further rain fall in the last 14 days near the Western Australian border has resulted in the closure of the section of Tanami Road between Granites Mine intersection through to the Western Australian border. Damage assessments have recommenced in this section with the clearing weather.
The portion of the Tanami Road in Western Australia remains closed.
The government is working towards sealing the Tanami Road and has invested $16.5m since 2014-15.
A tender to upgrade the road between 252 km and 260 km to a dual lane sealed standard will be released in coming days, with works expected to commence by mid May.
A joint WA and NT business case to seal the entire length of the road was submitted to Infrastructure Australia in June 2015.
In February 2016, Infrastructure Australia refreshed the National Infrastructure Priority List, with the Tanami Road again listed as a project of national significance.
Infrastructure Australia is currently working with the NT Government to finalise assessment of the proposed business case.
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  1. Words fail me on this … should have been completed years ago … as should have many other projects.
    Can we just have some politicians who will step up and do things as in the distant past, instead of worrying about looking at social media ratings and polls every five minutes?
    Just do it! And maybe they will find that hey, the people start to respect them again.


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