Back door to Pine Gap


2357-back-road-pine-gap-3By ERWIN CHLANDA
Pine Gap activists attempting to use the back road to the base were confronted by the owner of the rural property through which the road leads, according to police.
They say the car had broken down and council rangers later removed the vehicle.
Police were present and protesters left the property after the confrontation. The Alice Springs News Online understands that trespass charges have been laid.
The back road to the base, branching off from Ilparpa Road, is used when protests occur at the front gate accessed from Hatt Road, as it was the case during the past week.
Protesters frequently target the bus convoy taking base employees to work.
At one past protest, when asked by the protesters at the main gate the where the buses were, a base staffer said: “Oh, they just went through, but you could not see them. We’re using stealth buses today.”


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