Basketball shelter noise, ugliness still not resolved


p2328-basketball-shelter-1LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – I have had meetings with Eddie Fabijan, principal, Centralian Middle School, Robyn Lambley MLA and residents in the immediate vicinity of the school’s basketball shelter.
[The Alice Springs News Online reported on this issue on June 11, 2014, when the government gave undertakings.]
It was agreed that the best solution would be to down size to two courts and move said structure to other side of school, whereby it could also be used as a waiting area for new bus interchange upon inclement weather.
The school presented drawings with intention of building a wall in front of structure hoping to reduce noise but all that would do is further reduce our serenity making the structure more unattractive.
The impression given was the school wanted to make more use of courts in the way of assemblies and inter school functions which would increase traffic, creating more noise.
Money has been allocated by Adam Giles to reduce noise but I believe building a wall would not alleviate much noise at all considering the intention of greater use and the possibility of the students bouncing the ball of the intended wall made of corrugated iron.
The school would like to move the shelter but money allocated is insufficient as majority of the funds allocated for sporting upgrades has been directed to the National Athletics Track.
I am not sure who else to talk with, perhaps a conference with pending election candidates may help?
Ron Kern
Alice Springs


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