Increase in summer crime, some by a lot


Crime in Alice Springs was up, some substantially, in all major categories during the hot months, December to February, when compared to the same period the year before.
Total offences against the person rose 17%.
The greatest increases, where a high number of offences were recorded, were for motor vehicle thefts, a 29% increase, and 24% for total property offences.
The rise for sexual assault was greater still, 67%, but because of the low number of offences there could be statistical errors.
The table (at top) shows statistics released today by the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice for the “hot” months, December, January and February this summer, compared to the same period last year. The information used to prepare these statistics was recorded by the Northern Territory Police in the Police Real-time On-line Management Information System.
UPDATE April 19: Chief Minister and Police Minister Adam Giles has not responded to a request for comment.


  1. It’s good that these figures are released to the public in an open and transparent manner.
    People reporting an offense should always get a PROMIS number from the police handling the matter so as to ensure that the event is recorded for statistical purposes and the tracking of any investigation.
    Phil Walcott
    Independent candidate for Braitling

  2. At the last election we were told crime would drop 10% a year under the CLP. Has this occurred?
    Conlan even read an ad on the radio station, at the end of which he said, “If we don’t, kick us out”.
    Maybe it’s time to follow their own advice…


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