What The Center wants from its NT, Federal pollies


p2315-gift-boxThe Alice Springs News Online is compiling a list of what major lobbies and representative bodies in Central Australia are expecting from the Territory and Federal governments, as both are getting close to elections. We will add to this wish list as details come to hand from groups which are getting feedback from members.

The Alice Springs Town Council

This was decided on a motion by Councillor Jade Kudrenko, seconded by Councillor Jacinta Price.
NT Elections:
1) The provision of an after-hours youth drop in centre for Alice Springs, and continuation of the existing After Hours Youth Night Patrol run by Alice Springs Town Council and Congress beyond 2016.
2) Anzac Oval power upgrade.
3) Crematorium.
4) The construction of a community event centre/amphitheatre.
Federal Elections:
1) The second round of the Solar City initiative for Alice Springs.  Solar battery solution equivalent to Uterne (the solar power station opposite the Kilgariff suburb on the South Stuart Highway).
2) An indoor multi-purpose sporting facility.
3) An outdoor multi-purpose sporting facility.



Tourism Central Australia CEO Stephen Schwer

• Cross-marketing between events a lot more. We’ve got some awesome events but we market them as stand-alone events. What we’d love assistance with is cross-promoting these events, doing some collaborative marketing, put out a bigger calendar of events to the consumer.
• Help with the continued promotion as an adventurous destination, the experience of intimacy and connection with the environment, mountain biking, those kinds of experiences.



Arid Lands Environment Centre

We call on aspiring parliamentarians to support ALEC’s vision for ‘healthy futures for arid lands and people’. ALEC will be developing a scorecard for the environment in the lead up to the Territory election based on the following issues:
1. Real action on climate change:
Recognise the need to keep fossil fuels in the ground as per Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 2°C (preferably 1.5°C)
Develop Regional Climate Adaptation Plans in consultation with Local Governments
NT Government fleet transition to electric vehicles – investment in solar-powered charging stations in Alice Springs.
2. Investment in renewable energy:
100% renewable energy target for Alice Springs by 2030
50% renewable energy in remote communities by 2020
Financial incentives to encourage home and business rooftop solar investments, including enabling Environmental Upgrade Agreements.
3. Action on groundwater:
Substantial investment in mapping the groundwater resources of the region
Removing exemptions from the petroleum and mining activities from Water Act and Waste Management Pollution Control Act.
Review of all water allocation decisions based on the incorporation of mining and energy projects into the water balance and equity of supply (primacy of public drinking water).
Re-establish Strategic Indigenous Reserves in water allocation plans and build capacity for people to make use of them.
4. Strengthen NT environmental laws:
Strengthening environmental assessment, approvals and compliance system – more powers to the EPA and Environment Minister, less to the Mines and Energy Department.
NT Government to ratify Section J of the Building Code of Australia to support energy efficiency in all buildings in the NT – both residential and commercial buildings.
5 Ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking).
No new mine approvals that involve the process of hydraulic fracturing.
No Tennant Creek/Mt Isa gas interconnector pipeline.
Support for a national inquiry into nuclear waste.
Evidence-based policies that limit baiting of dingoes with 1080, investigate reported increase in the illegal use of strychnine.
Resourcing and support for indigenous ranger programs.
1. Real action on climate change.
Increased carbon emission reduction targets to at least 60% by 2030 and 100% before 2050.
Supportive policies for renewable energy investment.
Support for regional climate adaptation plans across the arid zone of Australia.
2. Stronger environmental protection laws.
Strengthen the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to include shale gas under the water trigger legislation (currently limited to coal seam gas).
Strengthen the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to include a climate trigger for projects with high carbon emissions.
Establish a national environment protection agency.
3. Inquiry into national radioactive waste management.
Explore all options for permanent storage and management of Australia’s existing stockpiles of low and intermediate-level waste, while also exploring options for the future reduction of radioactive waste creation.
4. Increased funding for indigenous ranger programs.
Make a federal commitment to resource Indigenous Protected Areas – most of which are in the arid zone.
5. Sustainable development for Northern Australia.
Ensure that Northern Australian Development policies and tax-payer funded investments incorporate the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Kay Eade, Executive Officer, Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory

• Reinstate first home buyers grants.
• Invest in Alice Springs Hospital to become an Australian renown teaching hospital.
• Re-evaluate the Aboriginal Affairs procurement policies.
• Roads.
• Communications.


  1. 1 Territory will have no problem addressing and resolving these issues. Still interviewing candidates from the Alice and surrounding hinterland, if you have what it takes – get in touch.

  2. I support the tree NT issues put forward by the Chamber of Commerce.
    The first home buyers grant needs to be available for all types of properties. It was very mean spirited of the CLP to take away that dream from hard working first home buyers – and you have to be hard working to be able to earn enough to put down a deposit before you turn 30.
    It makes it harder for people to plan when to have a family, or whether to take a chance and open a business. The ongoing ramifications of keeping people out of the housing market extends into the economy as a whole.
    The Aboriginal Affairs procurement policy is a blunt instrument which took many of us by surprise. The underlying sentiment of desiring more indigenous participation in trades is great.
    Let’s enhance some of the TAFE structures which help people become skilled employees. Also, in tender documents, we could require applicants to outline how they will enhance indigenous participation. This gets people thinking and talking about what is practical and doable.
    More investment in hospitals is always desirable. Investing further in the teaching aspect of our hospital makes a lot of sense. We have unique circumstances and can offer valuable teaching experiences to the wider health community. A long term investment plan with the goal of teaching excellence is a big ask, but I support it.

  3. Improving services and infrastructure out bush will mean a lot fewer transient people coming to Alice Springs.
    This includes things like telehealth to reduce appointments in town and provision of dialysis services to the hundreds of patients who have permanently relocated to Alice Springs with their families for treatment.
    Get the licence scanners back in the bottle shops so we aren’t wasting so much on paying cops to be security guards. Might need a low cost ID card for people without driving licences.
    Remove all NT Govt Tourism programs for Uluru and Kings Canyon and refocus on the MacDonnell Ranges. Get more tourists coming to Alice itself, and promoting the sites like Trephena and Ormiston Gorge which will directly affect Alice economy.
    Federal funding for more bitumen for Tanami and Docker River Roads for freight links as well as new routes for grey nomads in campervans.

  4. Budget flights to Alice from major coastal airports [would] massively boost tourism and private enterprise jobs.

  5. Jimmy, re your first point “Real action on climate change”. Are you saying that this is a necessary result of “global warming”?
    You may be interested in an alternative view in Koinonia House.

  6. An unambiguous commitment from all parties and candidates to government-funded support for public education.
    This support to extend to all the public schools through the school years that students are required by law to attend.

  7. What I would love: That government be honest, realistic and do not treat electors like if they have no brain.

  8. Creating The Solar Centre in and around Alice Springs would bring an injection of technology development, employment, VET training opportunities, enhanced social wealth and capacity to grow this place into a cleaner, more sustainable future.
    Legislation should make provision for all new builds after a particular date (sooner rather than later) tp have solar capacity for energy capture, storage and usage. Those builds include all new construction including commercial, industrial, retail and services centres (schools, hospital etc.)
    Growing the infrastructure that supports that concept will additionally provide skills development and employment. This will require a commUNITY focused buy-in from local investors, industry, governments and residents.
    Phil Walcott
    Independent candidate for Braitling.

  9. Bit late getting in on this but my Say as a senior is: Any candidate that will not stand up for seniors to FULLY re-instate the basic Seniors entitlements pre Mills CM and Lambley Treasurer and then Giles as CM, are to be put in the lowest order of voting on the ballot sheet.
    Yep, preferential is optional but those seniors that do not put the bastards like Giles and Lambley LAST are in for more of the same in the next four years which a fair few of us will not even see through to the end.
    They put us last for the previous four years. WE now have the ONE and ONLY chance, to do the same to them. PUT THEM LAST!


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