Call to show respect for the flag


p2143-Anzac-Hill-flags-3Sir – I recently noticed the NT flag flying proudly above the Alice Springs welcome sign near the Adelaide turn off.
I’m curious if somebody takes it down every day so it is not flying, unilluminated, at night.
Unfortunately this seems to be a frequent occurrence around town, particularly at government buildings.
The website, states that the national flag should never be flown at night, unless it is illuminated, such as the flags on ANZAC hill (pictured).
Surely with the advances in solar technology, a solar powered spotlight can be installed to light this flag.
Flying a flag at night, be it the national or a Territory flag, is a sign of disrespect to one of our most important national symbols. Surely with Australia Day just around the corner, some thought an be given to this issue.
To the government organisations that cannot be bothered to lower the flag ceremoniously at sunset, maybe you should rethink what our national symbol represents.
To the principals of schools who still encourage students to perform the role of flag monitor, and raise and lower the flag each day, congratulations to you for instilling pride to our children, to those who don’t, maybe research the website as a project prior to Australia Day, which is just around the corner.
Ray Rowe
Alice Springs


  1. 1 January is a better date for on that day. Australia became an independent self-governing Commonwealth when our Constitution commenced on 1 January 1901.
    The colonies completed their collectively becoming states of the Commonwealth of Australia, each governed in accordance with its own constitution, conditional on being in accordance with our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution.
    The British Parliament passed enabling legislation at request of the majority of voters in the six states.
    Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed in Centennial Park, Sydney on 1 January 1901 with the Proclamation and Letters Patent of the Governor-General, Lord Hopetoun, read out, then the nine members of the interim federal Ministry sworn in.
    While events could occur at midnight, best keep official events to starting after noon to ensure all well recovered to celebrate again.

  2. Flags must be maintained in good repair also. Flags that are falling apart at the seams should not be displayed.


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