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$1m youth program to counter summer crisis

Sir – A co-ordinated after-hours youth service and a 10 week trial of night recreational activity at the Alice Springs Youth and Community Centre will be supported with $951,000 in funding from the Northern Territory Government.
I am  pleased an agreement had been reached with the Alice Springs Town Council (ASTC) and Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (CAAC) to work together to deliver important after-hours youth services in town.
I have been concerned that after-hours youth services have lacked a coordinated approach and with the ASTC, CAAC and other stakeholders working together we can deliver positive outcomes for young people and less anti-social behaviour.
ASTC and CAAC will be responsible for the coordination of youth services and integration of case management services providing assistance to engage with youth most at risk of getting into trouble.
ASTC and CAAC will work together with the Alice Springs Youth and Community Centre and the Tangentyere Council Youth Patrol to provide after-hours services engaging with young people.
The 10 week trial of night activities will also deliver educational opportunities to encourage positive life choices for young people, develop social skills and self-esteem.
The new after-hours youth service will commence from late-November and an additional holiday program will be operational over the six week summer holiday break with a calendar of events available in late-November.
Adam Giles
Chief Minister and Member for Braitling


  1. This is very welcome news. However, before claiming too many kudos for it, it’s worth mentioning that the elephant in the room in this announcement is that this emergency funding and 10 week trial would not have been necessary had the CLP government not slashed youth funding when they first came to office.

  2. If the CLP had LISTENED to the people on the ground in the first place, this should never have been defunded in the first place.
    The arrogance of “we know what’s good for you” strategy has blown up in their face … the cash splash in the lead up to 27th August is not lost on anybody.
    They were told by many (including me) all that was required was a better co-ordination to ensure that out-of-hours service delivery was measured, appropriate and consistent.
    Now they want to throw almost $1 million at a ten-week program … $100K per week that will be subject to “administration fees” (at something like 25% auspicing to one organisation. There goes a quarter of the allocation).
    If the CLP had any real accountability in all of this, they would have taken counsel from people who work in and around the industry and acted accordingly.
    Sorry, Adam, too late. We need positive leadership for this town; not political party dogma, arrogance and bully-boy tactics. The party’s over.
    Phil Walcott
    IndependeNT for Braitling

  3. Well said Phil Walcott. Honestly, who can take Giles and co seriously anymore!
    And so sick of reading the Advocate these days. It’s basically a glossy brochure for the CLP and the fracking industry. No critical thinking at all!

  4. I guess it’s little wonder the Centralian Advocate supports the current regime, Charlie. It’s just another Murdoch publication dedicated to proselytizing for power; not for the people.
    Fortunately, there are other alternatives to inform debate within the mainstream and social media networks. We can always keep ourselves informed via alternative conduits.


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