Demise of Greatorex hastened by MLA's departure


p2277-Richard-Lim-1LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – It turned out to be a sad day when a news reporter woke me from a deep sleep, to tell me of the demise of the electorate of Greatorex.
Being in Alice Springs for a week, breathing in the Alice’s physical and political environment, I feel moved to comment.  It is indeed sad to see Greatorex, an electorate I served for 13 years over four elections, split up so decisively.  Maybe one day, when the population of the Alice regrows, Greatorex, or more likely in name after another dignitary, will arise like a Phoenix.
Greatorex was a great electorate.  I hope people thought I served it well, although I was also called “an oxygen thief” a few times.  It also gave me many opportunities to represent the diverse interests of the whole of the Alice Springs community.
Over the last 40 years, the Alice had increased its electoral representation, only to then lose it to the Top End, through population increases in Darwin and Palmerston, and then in the recent past, lose more electorates due to a our shrinking population.
I note that Araluen was initially marked for redistribution, but it ultimately fell on Greatorex.  And so it should if the electorate was not being effectively served and its sitting member announcing his departure at the next election.  The absence of an active member would have sealed Greatorex’s fate.
To all the people in Greatorex who supported me all those years, I thank you again.  It was my great pleasure to be of service.  I will look with interest how you will be served in the coming years.
Richard Lim
Camp Hill, Queensland


  1. How come no real notification of this. Darwin and Palmerston have a lot to answer for. Maybe many more will leave as it is not worth staying in this town if we are ignored.

  2. It says a lot. The town goes backwards in every sense, including population – and electorates, yet we have the “Chief Minister” from here. Go figure?
    Could have understood how it happened with Labor in, but no, it’s the CLP’s watch.


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