Giles: Rail to Queensland study, more overseas workers


p2154-Adam-GilesA scoping study to assess what is needed to link the Northern Territory and Queensland by rail and a bid for the expansion of the Designated Area Migration Agreement to more than 80 occupations were announced yesterday by Chief Minister Adam Giles in a speech at a business lunch.
“We are not going to be slowed by a two year exercise into why it might be a good idea to connect western Queensland with an upgraded port. We know it’s quicker and cheaper to export from Western Queensland through Darwin because it saves days in shipping time,” he said.
“We want to know how it can be made to happen, not just why it’s a good idea which is why we’ve initiated a scoping study rather than a feasibility study.”
Mr Giles said the Territory Government was working with the Federal Government to expand Australia’s first Designated Area Migration Agreement to more than 80 occupations up from 16.
“While the first stage was welcomed, the DAMA’s benefits only applied across a limited range of occupations,” he said.
“This new agreement will mean a far greater number of businesses will soon be able to recruit staff from overseas where there is a demonstrated need, and where Territorians can’t fill those jobs.
“The Stage two agreement will operate for three years and allow 500 skilled workers to be nominated by Territory employers in its first year, and is an example of Government and business, through the Chamber of Commerce, working together.”


  1. What Adam Giles has unveiled is an economic future built on pretty much uncontrolled frakking.
    The pipeline to be up and running by 2018 will be filled with shale gas frakked in the NT – at what impact to our clean water, pastoral and agricultural land and towns and communities?
    Why should Adam worry about the economic and environmental destruction he’ll leave behind? He’ll be on Gina’s payroll by then.
    Just frak off Adam. Enough.

  2. Is there a leap in logic by Melanie Ross? I thought I read an article about a rail line.
    How does a rail line equate with frakking?
    I agree that frakking is a major issue but to link it with rail when she mentions a pipeline puzzles me.
    Take up frakking in another forum?
    Anyway I doubt if I shall live long enough to see a rail anyway based on past pipe dreams.

  3. If it comes off, the rail link from Three Ways to Mount Isa will benefit the NT as well as the rest of Australia. It’s a good idea, and not before its time.


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