Tangentyere 1


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  1. The Shaws have had control of this organisation for that long. It’s about time I say and bring it out into the open. The gatekeepers have houses, power and income. All three are not evident on the other town camps besides Mt Nancy.

  2. @ Elvis: Maybe the gatekeepers as you call them have houses, power and income.
    Could this be because like all of us, some know how to manage their finances, look after their houses when some squander it all?
    The Shaw family does a lot for the community, and Geoff, a highly decorated wars veteran, bearer of an OAM medal, visits regularly the schools to talk with the students about duty, respect and comradeship.
    Elvis what about you? What are your contributions to our community and our country?

  3. Thanks, “HW”. It would have been nice for Tangentyere to point out that source to us whenever we asked for information.


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