Survey: How much do you like Adam Giles?


p2210-Giles-van-Holthe-ABCBy ERWIN CHLANDA
An opinion survey is under way in Alice Springs, focusing on Chief Minister Adam Giles (pictured with erstwhile challenger, Willem Westra van Holthe).
According to a reader in the Larapinta area – in Mr Giles’ electorate – the questions, put in an automated poll (using the phone buttons) included:–
• Does the CLP deserve to win the next election?
• Are they taking the NT in the right direction?
• Do you approve of the ALP and its leader Michael Gunner?
• Is [independent] Gerry Wood doing a good job.
• Is the Member for Araluen Robyn Lambley (newly independent) doing a good job?
• How well is Giles doing?
• Do you think favourably of him?
• The same question was asked about Dave Tollner and John Elferink.
• Whom do you approve of Federally – Tony Abbott or Bill Shorten (our reader saw this as an indicator that Giles’ performance may affect the NT vote in the next Federal poll).
• Also, what are the major issues – jobs and economy, crime, cost of living and so on.
The call was received on the reader’s business landline soon after 4pm. The reader lives in Mr Giles’ electorate, Braitling.


  1. Any chance of Robyn Lambley standing as an Independent in Braitling in the next election?
    Loraine Braham was twice (?) elected from there as an Independent, so the electorate has shown itself willing to go against the CLP if given a choice other than the ALP.
    My only regret would be not being able to vote for her over there.

  2. @ Hal Duell: I agree wholeheartedly Hal. As a voter in Braitling I can assure you that we haven’t seen hide nor hair of our “local” member since the CLP was elected to office.
    Queries or complaints to the local member get handed off to the public service (last time I checked I didn’t vote for the damn public service!)
    The old boys club of the CLP has led me to allow my membership to lapse and to seriously consider the ALP – which will be the first time since the 1983 Federal election that such a move is being considered.
    I cannot believe that the CLP has created such a mess here in Alice, and look forward to holding them to account!

  3. The CLP has to do polling to find out how they’re going? Seriously?
    Roll back to the start of the CLP government and pretty much six of the nine ministers had ties to Central Australia – Giles, Conlan, Lambley, Price, Anderson and don’t forget Elferink was a former member for the old MacDonnell.
    Well, Elf’s still there and so is Bess, although she can’t answer questions about it.
    We have had ministers in the past three Federal Governments – Scullion, Wozza then Nige again – and both of them were allegedly close to at least one of their Prime Ministers.
    Arguably, it’s the best representation Alice Springs has ever had.
    At least your crime rate isn’t as bad as Darwin’s.
    Let’s see where the cards fall at the next elections.

  4. Voters who are not happy with either the A or C LP can support a strong Independent voice at next Territory election.
    With an Independent we voters can be sure our local Member will be free from any localised political party member influence.
    The days of two major party options are long gone; this has been proven now all around the country.
    We Territorians are maturing in the way we approach our politics. We want someone who is not preselected by a small group of influential party members or a branch.
    We don’t want leadership ambitious types who pursue their political career or agenda as their main priority.
    Both parties have had a very long time to show us what they can offer, now is the time to move on and embrace our IndependenNT politics on a Territory level. The last Saturday in August 2016 will become IndependeNT Day.
    I will vote IndependeNT in Braitling come the last Saturday in August 2016.

  5. I have worked in the government for a long time. I think Adam has been fantastic in making staff accountable for actions and achieving outcomes. It makes things happen and I think its important to have that attitude influencing our government.
    There will always be haters, no matter who is in charge.
    I know little about politics but so far working under his direction has been great and for that reason I am supportive of Adam Giles.

  6. The man’s personal ambition has crushed the CLP government.
    Alice Springs has suffered dearly for this it’s clear to see in the street and in our community.
    People who were once friends are divided by the the left right political posturing.
    Our community has suffered under his leadership. It needs to end. Political parties no longer serve the needs of Territorians.

  7. I would have to say I think he is doing a good job after what mess he inherited from Labor. We are getting a new law court plus improvements to the hospital which is money well spent.
    He has done something about the alcohol problem, the crime rate is down, and there is now affordable housing.
    As for independent members, they are dead wood when the going gets tough. They run away. What’s Robyn Lambley going to do?
    Her performance has been ordinary, blaming everybody and saying it’s a boys’ club.
    We saw what happened in the previous Federal election. The independents went over to Labor and having said that if people want change they can always be come a politician.
    With the mess Labor has left us we pay one $100m a day in interest. This man is capable of doing a lot for the NT.

  8. Agree with Fred. Who cares if politics is a “boys’ club” – as long as we’re seeing results!
    I’ve lived in Alice for 20 years and this government seems to be doing more for this town than any previous government.
    If Labor get in at the next election I think Alice will be worse off – the Berrimah line will well and truly be back in place.

  9. Get rid of Giles … they won’t. They will all continue thinking how well they are doing.
    August 2016 will be very educational for all of the CLP (unfortunately).
    They have learned nothing from the two severe losses they suffered, and they have learned nothing from the dedicated party volunteers, members that got them back in through 2012.
    This time though, due to Giles, after the loss, there will be no volunteers or members to help rebuild. The current ones will walk away, as he will.

  10. Interesting comments … chuckle! How many days now until 27th August next year?
    Any more candidates out there besides incumbents (except Matt Conlan), Kylie Bonnani (CLP), Eli Melky (Independent) and me (non-aligned IndependeNT – my spelling) prepared to disclose their intent?
    There’s at least five REAL Independents contesting in five electorates around the jurisdiction.

  11. I don’t usually question others comments, but Fred, are you a spin doctor for parliament question time?
    You started your comments with “the mess inherited by Labor” and finished with “the mess Labor has left us”. Straight out of Hansard.
    For the record, I turned against Labor last election and voted CLP. Much to my discontent.
    The Independents already have “My full Support”.

  12. @ Rita Clarke: If you want to vote for an independent just remember that Andrew Wilkie, Bob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor were independent members and gave their support to Labor.
    The only other independent member who did not was Bob Katter and in the meantime the other three members have run away when the going got tough.
    Are these the type of Members we need? And I give you something to think about: When Labor was in power they have allowed Power and Water to run up a debt of $1600m. This needs to be paid back. The revenue from P&W does not even service the debt. We still need Federal support. I am always willing to talk to you, Rita. Any time.


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