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Rowley Hill's family says thank you


Above: Rowley Hill remembered at Blacken the Globe 2015. Photo by CHARLIE LOWSON.

Rowley Hill’s family – Richard, Jane, Samual, Asta and Jasmine – would like to thank the wonderful community of Alice Springs and beyond, for your love, support and overwhelming generosity since we lost our Rowley in the Todd River the evening of 8 January, 2015.
p2237-Rowley-MountainWe thank you all who came from far and wide, and those unable to make it, for making the most dreadful time of our lives one of hope, love, tears and laughter. It was such a dreadful time for us all and we want to thank all of you who offered your support when we most needed it. Because of you all Rowley had a beautiful send off which was so well planned and orchestrated with the support of many people who dropped everything to help. You all know who you are, and we thank you.
At right: Rowley on top of the Mount Gillen range overlooking his hometown. 
We also want to say thank you to the emergency services, police, coroner and funeral services for treating us all with dignity and respect. We also thank the Arrernte community for helping us to cope, and thank you to friends both old and new, colleagues and our mob as large as it is.
The third Blacken the Globe music festival, held on the Easter weekend, was dubbed “Rock for Rowley” as a tribute to Rowley’s long time commitment to The Black Wreath and Uncreation, who played their final performance and farewelled Rowley. What a spectacular performance it was and a wonderful night of special songs written in remembrance of him that we will never forget.
We thank you Pirate for your dedication, drive and commitment to Rowley, to us, and to the creativity of our community. You really did an exceptional job. To all the interstate and local artists, the visual, sound, streaming and supports, we thank you and will hold the evening close to our hearts forever.
p2237-Rowley-JumpOver 500 tickets were sold as well as raffle tickets; tee shirts were made and a BBQ had. All of the proceeds were donated to our family, along with an online donation of over $2,000, totalling $9,000. Unbelievable. We thank you for your generosity and support, it is truly overwhelming.
At left: Rowley, skateboarding with style. Photo by OLIVER ECLIPSE.
Even through this dreadful time when we mourn the loss of Rowley we acknowledge the generosity of the community. This financial support will be used for all things Rowley. We propose finishing off the paint job on the Kombi that Rowley didn’t get to finish, and to have a gravestone designed, so that no-one need miss his final resting place in Alice Springs.
We take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has so willingly given of themselves to help us out, love us and remember him.


  1. Thank you for this heart-warming article. What a truly wonderful bunch of family, friends and community Rowley has. Special wishes to his close family who are all amazing!!

  2. Rowley will live in our Alice Springs story as one who always ran before the wind. It took a river in flood to catch him. Our thoughts remain with the Hill family. Your youngest will be well remembered.

  3. This news reached me just today, missing my Akeyulerre colleagues and friends, wishing I could have been there for you J as you so often were for so many of us. I have been away too long, my love and thoughts to you all, Ulrik and Hill family….David

  4. The sun rises every day
    The sun sets every day
    Time passes and Rowley is still not here
    But the time is approaching when memories will be legend and the legend will gain a life of its own and he will be once again with us.
    This article will help.
    I do still think of you all Jane, Richard, Sam, Asta, the Melbourne connection.
    I do still wonder how you are all coping, so if I don’t ask often enough, its just because I am trying to let you all do what you need and I will keep friendships as they were, so you always know the world is still out there waiting for you to emerge as you will from this grief.
    Ash, so far away, stay as strong as you always were … just until you get home.
    Sam, in the home town where every day triggers a new memory.
    Richard, a hidden heart of gold. I can only guess how hard it is but I see bits (and sorry about our pissed rant!)
    And Jane, what a friend you have been. We are close and I am so very glad of that fact because it would slay the flesh from my very bones if I thought you had to go through this and I wasn’t there.
    Stay by each other as I know you will, good luck and thank you Alice Springs! xx


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