Cops, cars pelted with rocks


Sir – Alice Springs police continued with the increased patrols last night because of the continued high numbers of anti-social behaviour and property damage.
There were eight reports of property damage in the CBD area ranging from broken windows to damaged vehicles.  Police engaged with and conveyed 34 youths home and took 42 people into protective custody.
Despite the efforts of police, large numbers of youth remained in the CBD area into the early hours of the morning. At about 1:30am police attended a report of property damage at a Gap Road business. When the three officers arrived on foot, they identified a large group of youth on South Terrace near Tuncks Causeway.
Members conducting a foot patrol approached a large group of youths on South Terrace who were causing a general disturbance.
Several people in the group began throwing large rocks at the police officers. They were able to push the group back towards the Todd River while additional units attended. More members of the group started throwing large rocks at the officers.
On arrival of additional units, the group dispersed into the river area and into the hills near Olive Pink Botanical Gardens. A number of small fires were set fire to nearby scrub by the group with NTFRS called to attend the fires.
During the event, passing motorists were also pelted with rocks.
None of the group have been positively identified and we are asking anyone with information to contact them.
The main protagonist of the incident is described as a male aged in his late teens / early twenties, of Aboriginal appearance. He is of medium build and wearing a pink /red coloured t-shirt.
“The group numbered more than 50, with youths in varying age brackets. There were no injuries.
Inquiries are continuing to identify and locate offenders.
Anyone with information is asked to call 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Police will continue to maintain a strong presence in the CBD and encourage the public to report any incidents they observe.
Superintendent Travis Wurst
Alice Springs Police
UPDATE 3:00pm
Police have charged a 14-year-old male after he allegedly stole a handbag from woman at a fast food restaurant in Alice Springs CBD yesterday.
A 41-year-old woman placed her handbag on top of the table she was sitting at. Police allege the youth stole her handbag then pushed a 50-year-old woman out of his path and fled from the premises.
An off duty police officer was alerted to the incident and ran after the youth apprehending him on Bath Street. He was then arrested by police.
This was great work by the off duty officer and members of the public who came to assist.
The stolen handbag was returned to the woman and the youth was charged with aggravated robbery and resist police.
He will appear in Alice Springs Youth Justice Court on 17 April.
Detective Superintendent Brent Warren
Alice Springs Police


  1. Water cannons from the fire department and airport need to be deployed.
    Not fatal – and we all know the alleged assailants, of alleged Aboriginal appearance, allegedly don’t like water!
    Kills two birds with one stone!

  2. The behaviour is the issue, Julie. Inciting racism does not address the issues our community is trying to address.
    Alice is no different to other communities tackling challenges of antisocial behaviour and crime. It is how we respond as a community that will dictate our future.
    I do not support crime nor racism. Be part of the solution rather than your self fulfilling prophecy.
    We need to work together as a community we are where we are because of the cheap shots (rocks) being thrown without the need for more. Thought for a minute I was on the Alice Springs community forum.

  3. Same thing happens after every Lightning Carnival. We need to find a way to help everyone to return to their communities instead of being left idle in town.

  4. Police generally do a great job in this town. Their efforts need to be supported by the judiciary in handing out tough penalties for crime.
    Restorative practices models rather than fines need to be strengthened and implemented so as to become an effective education tool in the process.
    Something the to-be-established Council / Congress / NTG unit could look at progressing.

  5. You just keep telling yourself that there isn’t a problem here @ Charlotte.
    Julie Robertson is entitled to her view and it is about time that people stopped shouting racist whenever a comment is made.
    Quite frankly – 34 yes 34 youths taken home. 42 taken into protective custody and another group of 50 setting fires and throwing rocks – there needs to be some hard treatment meted out to these vandals.
    Enough with the lovie dovie – more education, free wifi, more funds – rubbish, taxpayers are demanding that their homes, business and town be protected!

  6. It was never intended as racist, Charlotte. Are you new to town? Have you had many break-ins or rocks thrown at you or your family? Do you still believe in the fluffy bunny approach?
    The people committing these crimes are not Caucasian, nor Indian, nor Africans or any other race. They are Aboriginal. Full stop. Aboriginal.
    Confront the issue head on. Water cannons will deter them, make them uncomfortable etc.
    The comment about allegedly not liking water was a cheap shot! Sorry! (But also true!)

  7. I agree the Easter Football Carnival has impacted poorly on the town.
    It is only highlighting the issues that exist within our community. Unfortunately, without accountable parenting the same issues will continue throughout the generations.
    While the police are doing a great job apprehending these criminals it’s a very temporary band-aid solution to a long term problem.
    Tough policies are needed that support a long term solution.

  8. Julie, in response to your questions
    1) I am not new to town.
    2) I have been exposed to crime and the anti social behaviour and I do not support payback or racism that is attempted to be a solution under the guise of humour.
    I do not support cancelling events in Alice Springs whether AFL, ARL, the Show as this relinquishes our ownership of our community.
    I supported the defunct banned drinkers and youth street outreach and CAAC youth drop in.
    People need to be accountable for actions which can be supported through reporting matters and being engaged in the solution.
    I am a local and I am not blinded to the issues I choose to see crime and race as seperate which appears to be out of kilter with the masses.
    I note that the current politicians are silent when they have an opportunity to make the changes. Will could assist in quelling the current status quo.

  9. Alice Springs or Gaza?
    Water cannon and tear gas is what’s needed in the short term along with a serious long term agenda for addressing the anti-social neglect.
    The French wouldn’t muck around. These youths have so little respect for police that they now break into police property and one (now incarcerated) young man was reported ramming a police vehicle a year or so ago.
    They hold no fear because society and the judiciary has repeatedly given them another chance.
    Riot shields are needed to stop this before the rocks become Molotov cocktails.


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