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No rape jokes for Araluen, please

Sir – I’m writing about an upcoming show by comic Jim Jefferies at the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs.
Jefferies is known for his misogynistic rants and rape jokes. He normalises negative attitudes to women by presenting these views as comedy.
A review in the Age and clips online which show aspects of his show, in my view support criticisms of the show.
I object to the Araluen theatre hosting Jefferies as part of its cultural events program.
Our community and our wider society need to take violence against women more seriously.
While I accept that Araluen have accepted this booking in good faith, promoting this work as art and presenting it in a government funded venue is counterproductive to these efforts.
Margaret Carew
Alice Springs


  1. I dislike censorship but I have to agree with Margaret. The town is really getting too much of the real thing without elevating it to joke status.
    Some will argue the opposite, I’m guessing. No-one ever connected with rape could find jokes anything but offensive. Gotta wonder how it qualifies as “art”.


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