Police rejects apology from Giles


Sir – The Northern Territory Police Association is disappointed with the Chief Minister’s half-hearted apology delivered during a press conference yesterday.
The Chief Minister did not fully retract his comments, he simply stated he should not have made them public.
The recording of the Chief Minister at an Alice Springs Country Liberal Party (CLP) Branch meeting makes it clear he maintains he has evidence of political collusion between an unnamed senior police officer and a member of his Cabinet.
Mr Giles has used this issue for political reasons to justify a further judicial or public enquiry – it is not necessary.
If Mr Giles has evidence that a senior police officer has acted in this way he has an obligation to provide this evidence to the Police Minister to allow him to act immediately.
If he does not have such evidence he should act with principle and fully retract his statements and apologise.
For the sake of the police force the Chief Minister must withdraw the comments if he does not have such evidence.
We can now expect this public slur on the police force to dominate parliamentary sittings. This will further damage morale within the police force.
Vince Kelly, President (pictured)

Northern Territory Police Association



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